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Relying on its 30-year experience in the manufacturing of core production equipment for thin-film amorphous silicon solar cell and over-twenty-year experience in mass production, ULVAC provides the massive customers with complete-line equipment for thin-film amorphous silicon solar cell and technical support.

For LCD Panel
Sputtering equipment for Gate, Source, Drain and display electrode used in the TFT loop at Array side.
Film deposition equipment for BM and universal electrode at CF side.
Filling and sticking of LC between Array panel and CF; deposition of ITO display electrode on PDP panel and evaporation of MgO protecting film.

ULVAC provides state-of-the-art equipment used in FEOL (front end of the line) in such fields as LED, power semi-conductor components, IC and etc., including magnetron sputtering equipment, evaporation unit, ion injection and etching and so on.

ULVAC offers various vacuum furnaces, roll coater, roll sputtering tool, vacuum evaporation equipment and etc. They can be used in many sectors, such as rare-earth permanent magnet, nickel-hydrogen alloy, ultra-hard mould, automobile components and parts, packing, bronzing, laser material, film capacitor and etc.

The multi-target magnetron sputtering system which is applicable for reseach and development. With advanced philosophy of design and fully computerized controlling function, it can automatically carry out multi-layer film deposition and multi-target sputtering.

Automatic Control Department is engaged in R&D of automatic control under vacuum environment. The department has independently developed COVOT, an automatic vacuum robot for transferring and loading wafer, and NCP-6300, a transitional preparation chamber used for the following multiple technical process chambers. They are widely used by vacuum manufacturers worldwide. COVOT is the only vacuum robot capable of operating in high vacuum condition in the world. NCP-6300 is a transitional technical process chamber equipped with an internal vacuum robot and capable of connecting external process chambers with optional quantities.

As the development trend of Flat Panel Display is towards the future generations and the wide application of thin-film solar cells, the company has developed a series of thin-film materials featuring high grade of purity and high efficiency.

In addition to vacuum equipment, ULVAC also offers a variety of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, helium leak detector and other vacuum supporting equipment. Meanwhile, it provides excellent after-sales service.

We provide high-quality original parts and components for ULVAC products such as vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, evaporation equipment and etc. We have abundant consumables in stock and can promptly respond to domestic demand.

ULVAC offers professional afer-service from equipment installation, adjustment,maintenance, overhaul solution to cleaning services.


ULVAC not only provide new equipment, but also provide a variety of used equipment sales activities.